…and the gates of Hell shall not prevail

My friends,

I began this new blog because I needed to do more.  Yes, there is always more yet to be done and this is another one of my attempts to be faithful to what I am called to by my Baptism.  My first blog was something I had written in response to the “haters” if you will, who were attacking Fr. John Corapi (now simply John Corapi), who left the priesthood after being accused of bad conduct.  The Catholic Bloggersphere exploded with negative, slanderous comments, and I felt it was important to respond to the backbiting done against him, solely based on really too little information.

I can admit that I felt somewhat betrayed and let down to hear of this phenomenal homilist being canned.  It is kind of like going to the movies and having the projector die in the middle of it.  Things were just getting good, and I felt he was at least one priest in the slew of dissenters who understood what the orthodox Catholic laity needed, and spoke to them and with them.  Another one bites the dust.

The Gates of Hell shall not prevail!

As team orthodoxy, we are only too familiar with faults and failings of the present day church.  To clarify, the Church in her teaching on faith and morals is perfect.  Her members?   Not so much.  This is why this blog was created.  It is to bring to light both the good and the evil that is existing within the church on the earth.  The good is to encourage and to build up the bride of Christ, while exposing evil to call Catholics out of lethargy and into action to bring about the renewal of the faith in the world.

On this Rock

Knowing full well this is a battle that we will be fighting until our dying breath, we are committed to standing strong on this faith, handed to us from the Apostles.  Please pray for the mission of Team Orthodoxy as we continue in this apostolate of prayer and evangelization in our lives and in the social media culture.  Please  feel free to browse the site but bear with us as this truly is a work in progress. There will be plenty of updates to come.

In the Immaculata,



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