My Own.

There is only one.
There is only one.
I tell you this openly and freely.
My choice,
My own,
My child.
A treasure to me
Implanted in me.
I wasn’t ready for you.
I wasn’t ready to be pushed down on a bed of broken glass.
I wasn’t ready to be a tool for a troubled soul.
But now I have you.
Oh, sweet child, I would never throw you away.
You are mine.
My blood and flesh.
Inside of me, I sheltered you from the world.
And I would have rather been killed than throw you away.
The pain of conceiving you haunts me, but I would never blame you.
Never would I have murdered you because of the sin of your father.
I never would have even considered taking your life, for it was not mine to take.
Oh, my little one,
I love you.
I always will.
I have gained more now than ever before.
I had no love from a man,
But I have found more love than imaginable in you.
My little gem.
My little Dawn.
My little lamb.
I have all the love in the world nestled up right here on my chest.
I hear you breathing.
I hold your little hands.
My purity was stolen from me.
My insides were ravaged.
But, amidst all that pain, I was given you.
I will teach you about what love really is.
I will live my life with you by my side.
And I promise to love you more with every passing day.
I will love you more than myself, more than my own mother loved me
Because you are mine
And a part of me.
-Brooke Vinet

*** Not written from experience. I had an image come into my head and i let it all flow out in this piece. My contribution to the pro-life movements***


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