Pray For Our Bishops

The failures of our shepherds have been a running theme recently. Though we do not wish to focus on the negative aspects within the Church, this is something that is currently affecting the faithful, especially on the East Coast of Canada, and so it is important for us as Catholic Canadians to show we stand in solidarity with the FAITHFUL there.

In 2009, Bishop Raymond Lahey was apprehended by police at the Ottawa International Airport after authorities checked his personal computer and found a large cache of child pornography. Last week, Lahey was sentenced to 15 months in prison on child pornography charges. Archbishop Martin Currie was asked to take over the Diocese in Lahey’s place. Courageously, Bishop Currie has taken the brunt of it, and I’m sure, just by seeing him now, it has worn him down considerably. On January 5th, Archbishop Currie released a statement to the Diocese, to be read to the parishes at the pastor’s discretion. His statement reads:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It was with sadness, disappointment and anger that, within the past few days, we followed the sentencing of former Bishop Raymond Lahey for possessing and importing child pornography. Pornography is an all-too-common obsession and addiction. Let us be clear that we, as Christian people, stand for the protection of all life, for human dignity and fullness of life. We stand against all that harms or degrades human beings.

Raymond Lahey has requested to be removed from the clerical state. The Church will impose this or other penalties. Let us draw whatever good we can from this event, and re-commit ourselves to building a better Church, society and world, a world in which people are valued and treated with respect, where no child suffers, and where all can live in peace and joy. This Archdiocese is committed to establishing safe and supportive communities for our young people and vulnerable adults. Through our screening process, we continue to take steps to create a secure environment for all members of the Church.

In Christ,

+ Marttin Currie

Archbishop of St. John’s


God bless Archbishop Currie. His courage and strength to yet again have to speak out on this issue is most admirable. This is a man who has received a very heavy cross. As Catholics, we need to pray and offer personal sacrifice for him, and for all our Bishops, for their strength, courage, and perserverance. There are many like him who have to work in what could be considered the most difficult time in the history of the world to be a Catholic Bishop. God love these men, who continue to stand, crosier in hand, and lead the flock when the whole world, most especially the media, but also broken men and women who have been deeply wounded by these events, begin to blame him and the Church for the failures of these defective clergy.

Yes, there have been some pretty bad Bishops and Priests who have abused their ministry and in doing so, effectively destroyed the lives and faith of many people either directly or indirectly. This should not and cannot be ignored and swept under the carpet. This issue of defective clergy had to come to a head in order to be eradicated. I believe the leadership within seminaries, oratories, monasteries, schools, etc. needs an absolute renewal from within. Things absolutely need to change. The good news is that they are!

We are not going to join the cacauphony of voices that slander the clergy. As Team Orthodoxy, we recognize that it is important to speak about the darkness that is present in the local church, in order to bring it to the Light. In doing so, we pray that in union with the Holy Father and the Bishops who are in union with him, we as faithful Catholic laity can help to cleanse and purify the Church with the aid of the Holy Ghost, in order to move forward and become the Bride that Christ our Lord deserves.

As a response to this call, we have to pray for our Shepherds. We are about to launch a campaign to aid this call of the faithful. More details are to follow this week.

God love you, and God love our Bishops!

In the Immaculata,



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