Why Bother with Brothels?

Mary Magdalene is my favorite former prostitute turned Saint.  Anyone who has seen The Passion of the Christ can recall that moment in the film where Mary Magdalene is laying on the ground, dirty and dressed for sex-cess, preparing to be stoned by the religious leaders.  Jesus turns them away, the stones fall and Mary comes to the feet of Jesus.   We know how that story goes…Jesus reassures her that He does not condemn her, and in doing so, forgiving her sins, and commands her to never sin again.  Why do I share this story?

On March 26th, an Ontario Court of Appeal ruling was made to legalize brothels in Ontario. To my surprise, I found out prostitution itself is legal in Ontario.  Does this not scare anyone?

The door is now wide open folks, for Pimps to turn to you and your daughters and invite you to work for them, and it is completely fine and legal.

“Man, this economic downturn is rough.  McDonalds is only hiring part time.  How the heck am I going to support my Iphone bill?  I better print off a resume to drop off at the local brothel”.


The worst part is that according to a Forum Research Poll released to the Toronto Sun on Wednesday, 47% of Canadians approve of this heinous court decision to legalize brothels, compared to the 36% that disagree.

Sun News said today that “The court gave the federal government a year to address ruling. If Ottawa does nothing, bordellos will become legal.” Oh that famous “Year to Comply” business…I’m SICK OF IT!

As Catholics living in Ontario, this is a big deal.  HUGE!  The more we continue to let the world and the devil continue to blind society to the sacredness of sex and the human person, the further this country will continue to lead people to destruction.  We have a responsibility, especially us men, who this poll really shows, sways the vote.

56% of people who approved of the ruling were male, compared to 39% who were female.

Men, it’s time to stand up and defend the dignity of women, more than we ever have before.  Women? You too!  We must protect them!

The sex industry is not all glitz and glam.  For those who wish to leave, it can become the greatest of prisons.  This dignity we hold as children of God, redeemed by the Spotless Lamb, and loved from all eternity has been the enemy’s greatest thorn in his side.  This is why he wished for humanity to fall into the darkness of sin,  because it would disfigure this dignity and make us ugly just like he became.  Christ, who took on our humanity, restored our dignity, and through the Sacrament of Baptism, we are restored a new creation in Him.  Thank you, Jesus! For real!  But this does not mean the attacks would end, just the opposite.

I am not saying sexual sin has not existed like this in the past, but I will say this: Unlike any other point in history, the work of the sex industry is so much more easily accessible and much more pervasive.

A random side note about this fact, according to the Internet Filter review:

Pornography Time Statistics
  • Every second – $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography.
  • Every second – 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography.
  • Every second – 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines.
  • Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States.

This kills me.  While Team Orthodoxy just celebrated 10,000 views on our site,  Porn got that in less than a second!  This must and has to change! It’s time to look at this issue, right in the centerfold, metaphorically speaking, and begin to take action.  I would like to relate a story to illustrate my point for those Catholic who wish to have nothing to do with this type of work:

A long time ago, in a city far far away…in Antioch, there were several Bishops hanging out in front of a Cathedral when a beautiful prostitute crossed in front of them.  To prevent themselves from being seduced, the crowd of Bishops looked away; all except Bishop Nonnus. Bishop Nonnus stared intently at her. He admired her beauty but began to weep.  The prostitute, seeing how the Bishop looked at her was caught off guard.  No man had looked upon her before with such purity.  He did not look upon her with lust but saw the dignity and beauty endowed on her by God.  That simple glance of holy love sparked her conversion to Christ.  She soon thereafter came looking for that Bishop for instruction. We now know this prostitute as St. Pelagia.

Catholics, what are we going to do about this dreadful situation?  Prayer is key. Praying for those involved in this twisted industry  is vital; at home, in Church, in the Supermarket looking at the magazine rack, at your local mall passing Victoria’s Secret, wherever.  Turn to the Blessed Mother, who is the spiritual mother of these broken men and women.  She will lead them to Jesus.  Perhaps it’s time for regular sitting in the pew Catholics to begin forming prayerful gatherings in front of these brothels (not on their property though…that might get you arrested).  Perhaps we need to begin praying about how to find  active ways to help the women imprisoned within the sex industry to become free.  Perhaps you may be the one who hangs in your bedroom, lights off, staring at the computer screen, searching Google for something to satisfy the ache.  Turn off the computer and walk away.  Cut the phone cord and flee from it.  One click can kill the soul-it’s a mortal sin to look at Pornography, Catholic reader.  It’s time to revolutionize from the inside-out, Catholic people.  Let us repent of our inaction and begin to work for true freedom. We ain’t Saints yet, but today’s a darn good day to start.  Perhaps one truly loving act from you may save one of these souls, just like Bishop Nonnus.

In the Immaculata,







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