The Cradle of Liberty (Philadelphia)

This week, Julie and I are in Philadelphia.  Why the heck are we Canadians hanging out here?  Well, firstly, Julie won a hotel stay free for a week here, so we cashed in on it.  Secondly, it is also an opportunity for us to speak about Liberty in the land of liberty – the cradle of liberty.  This is where Liberty began for America.  This is why we are here.  We are going to be doing some blogging, hopefully some video blogging, from the area where the Liberty Bell and the Constitution are kept.  We are only a few blocks away from it right now.

Yesterday, Julie and I visited South Street in Philly.  This placed was filled with sex shops, head shops, and food vendors.  We thought we were going to a Kensington Market, like in Toronto.  Nope.  Not even close.  Julie and I mused while walking down the street, that if the founding fathers could see this, they would be quite disheartened.  All of their hard work for liberty and the citizens waste their city on drugs and sex.  It was sad.  Seriously.  But it seems to be the trend in so many places that are rich in Christian history, who have turned on their heels to ignore it.  Montreal, Quebec is also in this same vein.  Walk down the street and it is closed Catholic church after closed Catholic church, yet there is a strip club on every other corner.

We can all admit that the local church has made a lot of screw ups.  I’m not here to deny that.  However, to swing the pendulum to the other side, and do the exact opposite of what can make us truly happy is backwards and does not fix anything.  This is what we see here in Philly.  This place has the highest crime rate in the USA *crosses himself*.  Why?  Because they’ve lost their idea of true freedom.  They’ve been sold (as we all have) a bill of goods, but the expiry date is long past due.  With the HHS Contraceptive Mandate knocking on the doors of the US Catholic Bishops and on almost every Catholic institution in the US, we are seeing this misunderstanding of freedom coming full circle.  As Julie and I walked down South Street, we both agreed that the HHS Mandate only exists because the USA is not the country that it was intended to be.

As Canadians, it is easy to look at it from an outside perspective.  In this HHS Battle, reverting back to the Constitution is becoming a useless endeavour, since the constitution is no longer a guiding principle but something to be exploited to serve personal desires.  Though I believe the USA needs to return to the basic fundamental understanding of the Constitution, it has strayed from it so much that it will likely take a disaster of monumental proportions for the people to come back to it.  This is my own personal perspective, and I don’t pretend to say this as an “Orthodox Catholic’s musing”.  This is simply Chris, not a political science major, thinking out loud, about this land that I find myself in, right now.   The Constitution has become a sort of Bible to the United States.  But, like the USA, which was built on the backs of Protestant Christians, like themselves, they have had no guiding human force,  ensuring that the what the declaration states and originally intended, remains intact.  No, with the history of the USA, we see lawyers, supreme courts, presidents, finding ways to use the Constitution for their own purposes;  twisting what the Constitution really meant.  Sound familiar?

Today, Julie and I will be going to Confession and Mass in the oldest Catholic Church in Philadelphia.  I am sure there will be stories (it is run by Jesuits *crosses himself again*).  We will hopefully have more to share with you later.  Please pray for us.  If you have anything you want us to pray for, since we will be visiting the Shrine of St. John Neumann, and the Miraculous Medal Shrine, please use the contact us page and send in your prayer requests and we will offer them to Christ, through the Saints’ intercession, especially in front of the tomb of St. John Neumann.  Thanks for reading, everyone.


In the Immaculata,




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