Web Find Wedesday – The Horror!

This week’s Web Find Wednesday contains a couple entries that are somewhat horrifying. And by horrifying, I mean not really horrifying but actually quite hilarious. Enjoy!


Decade-long Game of Civilization II = A Terrifying Dystopia

Some of you may remember the old-school PC game Civilization II. I personally loved this game as a kid, but haven’t seen it in a long time. Nowadays the series is at Civ 5, but this guy apparently never stopped playing Civ 2, and amazingly, has been playing one game the entire time! Continuing the game well past its usual ending date of 2060 AD, he has reached 3991 AD, and has been fighting an unending war for the past 1700 years. Needless to say the world isn’t doing so well.



Lord of the Dancey-Dance

Equally, if not more disturbing, is this re-worked scene featuring Frodo’s dark past…

That’s all! Check back next week for more internety goodness!


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I'm a Catholic, software developer, writer, gamer, and all-around nerd. I write for orthodoxcatholicism.com. Check it out and leave me a comment!

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