Missing the Alarm Clock- The ACA and the Catholic Church in America

Missed the alarmHave you ever awakened in the morning, only to turn to your clock and find that you have missed your alarm? If you have to be at work, school, or have an appointment, this brief moment can set you into a panic. That’s such an awful feeling, isn’t it? You’re now rushed, and it just throws your entire day off.  I wonder if that is how the Bishops of the United States feel in light of today’s proceedings.

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision upholding as a tax the provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires individuals to purchase a health plan also known as the “individual mandate.” In an official press release by the US Catholic Conference of Bishops, we hear again the plea of the Church in America not to abolish the good within the ACA, but to rid the ACA of that which does not bring about the greatest good for all.

In the official press release about the ACA, the US Bishops decry certain points of the ACA which “allows use of federal funds to pay for elective abortions and for plans that cover such abortions, contradicting longstanding federal policy”. They also state that the ACA “fails to include necessary language to provide essential conscience protection, both within and beyond the abortion context.  In regards to the treatment of Immigrant workers, the Bishops also state that it ” leaves them worse off by not allowing them to purchase health coverage in the new exchanges created under the law, even if they use their own money. This undermines the Act’s stated goal of promoting access to basic life-affirming health care for everyone, especially for those most in need. ”

The US Bishops, as restated by Bishop Kevin Farrell, “have never joined in efforts to repeal this law in its entirety and do not do so today but today’s opinion does not diminish the moral imperative to ensure decent healthcare for all, nor eliminate the need to correct the fundamental  flaws mentioned above.”  The Church truly does desire affordable healthcare for all, despite the numbers of people who think that she doesn’t. However,  though the church wants this, it is not at the expense of her conscience. The Church will always fight that which masquerades as healthcare, namely abortion, abortion inducing drugs, and sterilization and so she will continue to make a stand for what is truly healthcare, and stand against what is not healthcare.

But back to the analogy of the alarm clock. Does anyone else feel like we are dealing with this mess because we did not deal with the problem in the beginning? Sure you woke up the “sleeping giant”, but have we missed our cue? I have ranted on this topic before, but some may take today’s events like a foreshadowing of the future HHS mandate.  Well, I’m here to say, better late than never.  If anything, the ACA event needs to give added impetus to the Church in America to fight with more gusto than ever before.  Let us continue to pray for the Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, and Clergy of the United States, that in the face of masquerading evil, that they will continue to speak up and stand up against that which defies natural and moral law.  Though we may have missed the alarm, the clock is still ticking.  Wake up Church Militant- it’s time to fight.

Oh and PS: Happy VENERABLE Fulton Sheen Day!  


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  1. Almost makes me want to bash a sword and shield together a little bit. Or do a minute-long gearup scene, ala The Governator in Commando.

  2. Why don’t you simply request that your parishioners stop having abortions. Won’t they listen to you? In the meantime let us rejoice that a system is finally in place to aid children and adults so that they will not die, as well. Imagine if the Catholic church had fought for health care on its own terms, instead of just standing idly by and complaining about the attempts of others.

    • Hi George. Thank you for your response. For the record, the health system in the United States was built on the backs of faithful catholics, especially nuns. The Church is for affordable healthcare, however not at the expense of the lives of innocent children lost through abortion. Please be a little sensible here. We’re not against affordable healthcare at all, if that were the case, the Church’s medical institutions would not be spending millions and millions of dollars giving healthcare to those who can’t afford it. I would recommend doing a little more research before you decide to slander the Church, George. God love you.

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