Web Find Wednesday: 1flesh.org

Just one find for you all this week, but it’s an epic one.

1flesh: The Revolt Against Contraception in Marriage

The infiltration of our society by artificial contraception has been swift and merciless. The extent to which this massively profitable industry has converted the mindset of the average person is mind-blowing, so much so that it often seems impossible to even begin to question whether contraception is good for us, and particularly for women. So often any objection to contraception is seen as ‘religious’, which in this context is a code word for arbitrary and baseless.

But it’s not just Christians or other religious people who are realizing the harm that contraception does to individuals, relationships and society. 1flesh.org is a new, non-religious grassroots movement aiming to inform people of the negative side off contraceptive use, and the natural alternatives that are available.

Their website has a ton of great resources, and has been churning out great (and sometimes hilarious) articles left and right. 9 Reasons Ovulation is Pretty Much Witchcraft had me killing myself laughing, while the more serious articles like Melissa’s Story and We Are Young really hit home.

What are you waiting for? Check it out!


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