Top Ten Tuesdays: Smartphone Apps

Top Ten Smartphone Apps

Do you want to be an up-to-date, effective New Evangelizer?  There’s an app for that…well actually a bunch.  Here’s a list of the Top Ten Team Orthodoxy Smartphone/iPhone apps that will help you grow in your faith, as well as connect you with the world.

** Note: Some of these apps are not free, but they are definitely worth the money**

1. iPieta
This app is simply the best for any Catholic who loves the faith.  It comes with the entire Bible, Mass readings for both the Novus Ordo and Tridentine calendar, an assortment of prayers and devotions, writings from the Saints including the entire Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, writings of the Popes, and more. Click on the following link to see the content of the iPieta app.

For anyone who prays the Divine Office, this app is perfect.  It’s also the most economical choice.  I use this app on a daily basis and it works very well.  It also at times includes prayers from other orders.  Sadly, I have yet to see Carmelite in there, but one can only hope.  Definitely awesome.

3. MeaCulpa Pro
This app is awesome because it reminds you to examine your conscience daily and it allows you to take note of sins you’ve fallen into, and you can then get a list of your sins to bring with you to confession.  It’s great.

4. Facebook
Obviously, the biggest social media tool right now at your fingertips is essential to sharing the Gospel in the Social Media sphere.

5. Twitter
Twitter is a great way to get what you think seen by tons of people.  It’s also a cool way to see what is trending in the social media world.

6. WordPress
Team Orthodoxy is a huge fan of WordPress.  The app is a one stop shop to keep you up to date with what is happening with your WordPress site, including stats and other info.

7. Youtube
A great way to watch the likes of Team Orthodoxy and Fr. Robert Barron, and things of that caliber.

8. Fulton Sheen
Who doesn’t love the great Venerable Fulton J Sheen playing in your earbuds?  Sweet sweet theological truth.

9. Google Chrome
Because the best evangelists need the best browser. Period!

10. Meme Design
This is essential to troll your atheist friends–make funny memes and troll them, charitably.


See you next week…


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