Top Ten Tuesdays: Why Catholics can’t be Masons

Freemasonry has a long standing history of opposition with the Catholic church, and for obvious reasons.  Here are ten reasons why Catholics Cannot be Masons, courtesy of an unknown author from the lovely people over at the Militia Immaculata (

Freemasonry, contrary to public perception, is a secret society rather than a fraternity. Its principles are fundamentally contrary to the Catholic faith and explicitly deny key tenets of Christianity. Below are ten reasons why Catholics cannot be Masons or participate in their activities.

1). The Holy See on Nov. 26, 1983, at the direction of the Pope, issued a “Declaration on Masonic Associations” restating the Church’s position condemning the basic principles of Freemasonry. It also states that Catholics who join Masonic organizations are in a state of grave sin and are automatically denied Holy Communion.

2). God as described in Masonic works is an impersonal “Great Architect of the Universe,” not the personal God of the Patriarchs, the One True God of Revelation, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.

3). Masonic writings specifically deny that God has revealed Himself and His truths to us, or that He ever established a Church.

4). In Masonry Jesus Christ is portrayed as merely a man, a great teacher, on par with Buddha or Mohammed and His Divinity is denied.

5). The Trinity is denied and compared to the “trinities” of pagan religions. The Holy Spirit is blasphemed by Masonry’s denial of the Divine Inspiration of Scripture.

6). Christianity is considered a derivative of ancient pagan religions and like all religions deliberately ladens itself with error. God is portrayed as a deceiver who leads many men away from truth as not all are worthy of it.

7). All truth is relative according to Masonry, thereby rejecting objective, absolute truth and therefore the dogmas of the Catholic faith.

8). Freemasonry is portrayed as the foundation of all religion and it is built on Naturalism, a system of belief that makes human nature and human reason supreme in all things.

9). At the various degrees when an oath is sworn, even the initial ones, it is a blood oath swearing for example, “binding myself by no less penalty than that of having my throat cut from ear to ear, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the sands of the sea…” This is a real oath sworn with one’s hand on the Bible or Torah, etc.

10). One can easily be deceived by Masonry’s rituals and symbols that an objective transformation of man is being carried out. This will lead one away from the workings of God’s grace especially manifested in the Sacraments instituted by Christ. Remember, Masonry denies Christ’s Divinity and therefore His role as our Savior.

For further information the book “Freemasonry: Mankind’s Hidden Enemy”can be obtained from TAN BOOKS, Rockford,IL., ($8.00 retail). Your local bookstore can order it for you.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Top Ten Tuesday.  We’ll be talking more about Freemasonry in the near future. Be vigilant my friends. See you next week.


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  1. I’m not sure where you received your information from but only 2 of your 10 reasons are true. Reason number 1 and number 9 are true but as far as the ‘blood oath’ is concerned, it is only symbolic and should not be taken literally. Please get your facts straight before leading people astray. My membership in the fraternity has actually strengthened my relationship with Jesus and my love for the church.

  2. Joyce Churchill

    Just a question. The mosonic temple, here in a couple of towns, make and sell pasties. They usually do this the first of the month, on a certain day. My husband (who is not Catholic) and I have been buying four each month. Is it wrong for me to do so? If so, how do I explain this to my husband? Thanks!

  3. Oh, man I don’t even know where to begin on this load of misinformation. I am a practicing Catholic. I joined the Masons in 1980 after my parish priest told me it was OK. I rose through the ranks of the craft to the top of the,York Rite. I know EVERYTHING that there is to know about Masonry. I did not hear about the 1983 edict until this year so in obedience, I left them.

    Now #1 in your list is absolutely true.

    #2 mis-states the name. Do you reject the name Yahweh? Referring to God as Great Architect is simply another way of honoring Him. He did, after all design and build the universe, an architect.

    #3 is where the total fail begins. Masons teach that God revealed Himself to us through His Word, The Bible. At every meeting there is a ceremony that ends with the Bible being opened and placed upon the altar, dedicated to God.

    #4 Mason do NOT deny the Divinity of Jesus. The last order in the York Rite is the Knights Templar. We are dedicated to the defense of Jesus Christ and the Christian religion.

    #5 is just a blatant lie. Where did you get that?

    #6 is another flat out lie.

    #7 No, Mason teach that there is only one truth, from God.

    #8 Nope, not even close. Again, did you make this up out of whole cloth?

    #9 you left out a critical word, symbolically. Binding myself symbolically under no less an oath

    #10 is fraught with logical fallacies and represent, obviously, your opinion. There is simply no truth in that at all.


    • One more thing. Masonry is NOT a “secret” society. It is a Fraternity that used to have secrets. If it was a “secret society” you would not know of it’s existence. Our secrets have been written about in hundreds of books for years.

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