Spiritual Life 4 N00bs: Eucharistic Adoration

You know this has totally happened to you before.

A new personal best!


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I am nerdy. Catholic. Artsy. And a real-life, fer-sure, darn-tootin philosophy major. You may now make jokes at my expense. Thank you.

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  1. Hahaha. Very Funny. It hasn’t happened to me! Of course, I have never been to Eucharistic Adoration before. I just recently began attending Mass. I wonder if I can since I am not Catholic (yet…)?

  2. That happens to me almost every time I’m in the adoration chapel. If it is exposition and benediction in church, I’m okay, probably because there are other people there, and there’s singing and communal prayers, but in the chapel I just want to rest in Him.

    • Yes, that’s how I feel too! Who wouldn’t want to be abandoned to such peace?

      If my experiences in the glorious rays of the Real Presense tell me anything, it’s that the Beatific Vision will almost certainly include nap time!

  3. Remigius d'Souza

    Bishop Fulton Sheen, narrated that during one of his travels, he found a chapel and stopped to adore the Lord. In minutes, he was soundly asleep. When he awoke, he apologised to the Lord. The Lord answered, that at the very first Holy Hour, His disciples were asleep too. Phew! He understands, that’s consolation… 😀

    Yup, It’s totally happen to me before

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