Advent Challenge – Day 11 – St. Lucy

Alright, so admittedly, every now and then all my attempts to make every day of Advent a spectacular experience totally fails.

Today was such a day.

I wasn’t able to go to Mass this morning since my daughter slept in too late (she’s 18 months people, I’m not waking a baby!), and we never made it out to the store to pick up some roses for Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Right now, while the kids are napping I’m furiously trying to get this blog post together since I have a meeting this evening.

This is real life people.  So what do we do?  We change, we adapt, we say “oh well” and try again tomorrow.  No need to throw it all out the window, right?!

I’ll say a little prayer in front of our statue of Our Lady of Grace (we’ll pretend it’s Our Lady of Guadalupe) and call it a day!

On to tomorrow!  Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Lucy!  There is a fantastic tradition in Sweden of the daughters putting on wreaths stluciawith candles on them (Lucy = Light) and bringing sweet saffron buns, called Lussekatter and coffee to their parents in the morning.

Unfortunately my kids are too young to bake.  And my daughter is definitely too young to wear lit candles on her head.  But, I am going to attempt to make the saffron buns!

There’s a lot of recipes online that you can use, I’m going to use the one on Catholic Icing just because her step-by-step instructions look really easy and clear to follow!  I’ll be posting pictures tomorrow to show you how they turned out!

What else we did for Advent today:

Advent Wreath

Sacrifice Manger

Jesse Tree

Advent Calendar

Praying for Others



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