Web Find Wednesday: How-To Edition

Arfink here, and it’s my turn for a Web Find Wednesday. One of my favorite things to find on the internet is how-to videos. I love making things (I love to joke it’s also one of God’s favorite passtimes), so of course I love to learn from other people who make cooler things than I do. Today I happened across 3 how-to themed videos.

First I have a video where this fine gent shows you how to make an Aztec obsidian-edged sword. Well actually, it’s part 2 of a series on making such blades. I liked it because he shows how to make the razor sharp obsidian flakes using this cool homemade tool that looks like a crutch.

Next I found a video from a chef, where he shows how to make these drool-worthy onion rings. I love onion rings. I think I’ll need to make some for Easter, since I’m pretty sure onion rings are about the lest penitential food imaginable. Well except maybe bacon. Yeah.

Finally here is a how-to video for my favorite video game, Minecraft, in which this fellow tells you how to make elevators. He also has a cool accent.


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