Web Find Wednesday – Life is Too Short

Welcome to this week’s edition of Wed Find Wednesday. Better late than never, I guess. This week, we are looking at how fleeting our lives are. We are here today and gone tomorrow. I am always questioning in my life whether I am taking myself way too seriously. G.K. Chesterton once said that “angels can fly because they take themselves lightly”. Perhaps many of us just need to take a chill pill, crush our pride, and start living our lives for Christ in freedom, not enslaving ourselves to other people’s opinions. We need to simply conform our lives to Christ.  So I present, “Life is Too Short…”

Life is too short…
not to make a fool of yourself once in awhile.

I love you

This man could have proposed to the lady he was sitting beside, but instead, he expresses his love for his beer. Catholics do love their beer (in moderation). Next time you have one, go ahead and say this traditional Grace before Beer:

Bless, O Lord, this creature beer, that Thou hast been pleased to bring forth from the sweetness of the grain: that it might be a salutary remedy for the human race: and grant by the invocation of Thy holy name, that, whosoever drinks of it may obtain health of body and a sure safeguard for the soul. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Life is too short…
To not act like a kid once and a while.

Do you remember how much you wanted to watch cartoons as a kid? Take a sec and find an old favorite cartoon or check out a new one. The above cartoon is a new favorite to Team Orthodoxy.

Life is too short…
To never experience a Steubenville  Conference

If you are a teenager reading this blog and have never been to a Steubenville Youth Conference, GO.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Web Find Wednesday.  See y’all next week.


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