7 Quick Takes: Volume 10


1. The Boston Marathon has been in the news this past week or so. The Team prays for victims, the friends and family members, and for those that set off those bombs.  We must pray for healing in all of their hearts, and peace and consolation for those that are suffering because of this incident. When I hear of events like this, I cannot help but reflect on the sacredness of human life and just how fragile it is.

2.  Phil Arnsby, an amazing pro-lifer and faithful Catholic passed away. Phil and his wife dedicated so much time to the pro-life movement. He spent countless hours working to save the unborn. We pray for his wife, family, and friends during this time, and for Phil that he may be with Christ.

3.  I finally got a job interview. I currently have 2 part time jobs, and the sum of the hours between the two is ridiculous. I’m taking I maybe work fifteen hours a week with two jobs. I have been looking for full time work for a long time and I’m really hoping I can get the one i’m being interviewed for. The situation has reminded me that it is all truly in Gods hands. He will put me where he wants me to be. It might not be where I think I should be, or where I want to be, but if it is where God wants me, then it will be for the best.

4. Spring is here at last! The weather is getting nicer. It’s supposed to be a little stormy and the warm weather will cool down a bit, but it’s nice to have just a little taste of summer in mid April. You all know what that means… Twitterpated.

5. I have been trying to get to know Christ by reading more scripture. I have a difficult time keeping my mind focused during quiet mental prayer, so I have decided to try and meditate on scripture. It’s going well. I try and read something from the Old Testament and the New every night.  My favorite book from the Old Testament is Sirach. Its basically a book that discusses day to day things we should know and think about. Check out that book. You will love it. =)

6. The Team is working super hard to keep things here at Team Orthodoxy fresh.   It’s amazing to see the changes and how much more has been going on here on the blog. I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as we are! If you guys have ideas of things you would like to see from us, we would LOVE to hear from you!

7. Life is a roller coaster. Thank goodness for prayer.

Catholic Ruki

Be sure to check out the blog of the wonderful Jennifer Fulweiler, the creator of 7 Quick Takes Friday. You can find her blog at Conversion Diary.


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