Top Ten Tuesdays: Cats

Hey all, Mike here, and I’d just like to say, this post really should be called “Top Ten Reasons Not to be Like Mike and Write Your Top Ten at the Last Possible Millisecond,” but unfortunately, that would have required some forethought and planning. Also, I’m kind of dumb and forgetful. Onwards!

To earn your forgiveness, here are ten ridiculously awesome and cute cat videos!

1. Nonono Cat

2. Oh Long Johnson!

3. Grumpy Cat


4. Cat Terrorised by Popcorn

5. Boxing Cat

6. Cat Lover Eharmony Video (ok there are no actual cats… you caught me)

And the amazing followup:

7. Can’t Hug Every Cat

8. Cat’s Reaction to an Earthquake (so fake but I can’t stop laughing)

9. Stalking Cat (reminds me of a great episode of Dr. Who…)

10. Confused Kitten




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  1. circlecitadel

    Aww Henri the existential cat didn’t make the list 😦

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