New Music Monday: Ecclectic!


Today’s musical selection is a big ball of crazy, which describes my past week pretty well too. Don’t expect anything in particular by way of theme, except for it to be rather strange overall.

First up, something I found through a youtube channel called Majestic Casual, which turns out to be a good place to discover new music, if you’re into their kind of music anyway.

Next, we have the theme song for my bicycle rides. Well, only on days when I’m feeling crazy.

If you haven’t been listening to Josh Garrels yet, and you like good Catholic music, you should probably start. He’s awesome.

Finally, something electronic, since that’s how I roll. This time some music by Virt aka Jake Kauffman, one of the best video game soundtrack composers of all time. Ironically, this tune was not composed for a video game, it’s just meant to sound like one.

That’s all I got for today! Until next time, enjoy your music, and enjoy your week.


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  1. Since you had Rayman on here I think you may enjoy the Kanto Symphony:

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