Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons Why I Think Pope Francis is Awesome

TOP TEN TUESDAYGreetings Earthlings. So, anyone who knows me knows that when the Conclave was happening, I had almost all of my chips on Raymond Cardinal Burke. Well, that didn’t happen. So when they announced that Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio was the new Pope, I pretty much sat there stunned.  Then, he came out on the Plaza, and opened his mouth and I was stunned even more. “Who is this guy”, I thought. He’s not following form, at all. All of my Trady-Senses went off. I knew that my beloved Papa Benedetto was gone. Though not as Traditional, he has grown on me quite a bit. Here’s my Top Ten Reasons Why I Think Pope Francis is Awesome.

10. He is really easy to make memes with!

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

9. In a spirit of Poverty, he declined the use of the Papal Apartments and chose to live in a small apartment in the Doma Sanctae Marta.

Click on the following link to learn more about the Pope’s little apartment.

8. The Pope likes to pray over people randomly.
Though some might call it an exorcism (the former head exorcist of Rome says so), I just think he was praying. What do you think?

7. He began his Pontificate seeking prayer from the Church. What an incredible act of humility.

6. He has no problem telling it like it is. I have never seen a Pope mention the devil, or hot button topics as much as Pope Francis has in the first 3 months of his Papacy. Go Papa!

5. The Pope rode the bus back to the hotel the night of his election and paid for his hotel bill the next day. This is not your Grandma’s Pope. This humble Argentinian means to turn things around.

4. The Holy Father is as orthodox as they come when it comes to the Teachings of the Church.

3.  He is intensely Marian and committed his Papacy to her Marternal Queenship the day after he was elected.

2. He is really committed to the vows he has made as a Jesuit. He chose to keep his black kicks, instead of the fancy red ones. He declines the use of all the regalia that he could wear. He is simply the man in white. He is making it very hard for people to dislike him. The only people who do are the sede-vacantists. But we all know that there is only one thing vacant, and it is not the Chair of Peter.

1. The Pope is in love with Jesus in the Eucharist. I have waited since I was a teen for the day when a Pope would call for a Global Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration. The Pope asked that the entire Universal Church to honor her Eucharistic Lord with a Holy Hour. At 5pm Rome Time, the entire world adored the King. It was like a torrent of grace was released across the globe. The Church will only benefit from this.  Though I would always be faithful and never speak a negative word against him, this event was what completely turned me around when it came to loving the Holy Father. It took me about a year for Pope Benedict, so Papa Francis is doing pretty good, I’d say.

That’s my Top Ten. Hope you enjoyed it. Come back and visit us sometime, and make sure you Like us on Facebook!


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  1. You forgot to include (in my opinion) that he chose the name Francis. 🙂

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