New Music Monday: Ode to Greatness


Welcome to New Music Monday. This week’s edition is called Ode to Greatness.  Why you ask? Well, this week I am featuring some bands that are either great up and coming bands, or were great, back in the day for me.

To begin, I would like to honor Inhale Exhale, who announced this week that they are throwing in the towel. They are Christian metalcore, so if you are not a fan, skip down to the next song. This song is called “Redemption”, and was definitely on some mixtapes that Team Orthodoxy made over the years.

The next song is by a band that appears to be getting bigger by the day, Anberlin.  Here is their new song, “Unstable”.

My first Christian rock band was Skillet. I listened to them religiously. They departed from their original sound, but it appears that with their album that they are somewhat returning to it. I am certain that panheads (Skillet fans) everywhere smile when they hear this song.

Lastly, this lady is pregnant and her baby is definitely going to know that they are worth more than gold. This song is dedicated to my homeboys on Team Orthodoxy. Always remember that you are loved, boys. LOL

That song was by Britt Nicole and it was called “Gold”. Thanks for partying with me this week. See ya next week.


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