Top Ten Tuesdays: Things that Make Me Cry that Shouldn’t


Being pregnant turns me into an emotional cry baby.  And while I understand that my son telling me he loves me, or running out of pasta sauce right before dinner are totally explicable reasons for a hormone-induced cry-a-thon, some things just really shouldn’t ever make a person cry.

1.  This stroller ad.

2. THIS stroller ad.

3. Tim Hortons Commercials.

4. … and who can forget this one:

I actually only have to see the man walking into the arena to burst into tears because it brings back so.many.memories!

5. My son telling me he missed my sister.  Ok, that one’s a bit more reasonable.

6. This baby pig in a wheelchair!  He’s such a trooper!

7. The preview for this movie.  Please don’t judge me.

8.  My son seeing this picture and telling me they’re “Uncle Steve’s friends”

(Photo: Laurent Kalfala, L'Osservatore Romano, via AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo: Laurent Kalfala, L’Osservatore Romano, via AFP/Getty Images)











9. This lip-dub proposal

10. This song by Plumb


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  1. Number 9 made me cry!

  2. Oh gosh, what a fun post! I know what you mean by being pregnant and crying at the blink of an eye. My youngest is now 9 but I still tear up easily. Thanks for the smiles (no tears today)!
    Oh and it’s a shame that movie is rated R. It looks very interesting.

    • Thanks! And I agree about the movie….the preview might have been sappy, but it’s likely not a movie I’ll ever go see.

  3. Hilarious, I fully expected the Tim Horton’s ads because you’ve been crying at those long before pregnant hormones…

    I did not expect the stroller ads… I uh… I was waiting for some minor sappy element, but no, they’re just showing stroller features. You um… must really love those features…. either that or they must really upset you.

    Also, loved that Isaac called the Pope and Pope Emeritus my friends. Nice. Smart kid.

    • They’re such functional features!! Seriously when the one stroller gets turned into a double I totally lose it. Maybe it’s the knowledge that I’ll never be able to buy such an amazing stroller, lol.

      I thought you’d like the Pope comment!

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