7 Quick Takes: Changes



I AM A WHOVIAN. Somehow I have become a Doctor Who Fan. It is has sucked me into its web of cheesiness and I cannot seem to escape. My nerd friends are proud. I feel like I have abandoned all sense.


Speaking of abandoning all sense, renovations. Okay, that has no correlation but the renovations on our house are taking much longer than originally thought. So we think we may be in by August, but at the rate we are going, who knows? As the ninth Doctor from Doctor Who would say:


What is not fantastic is apostasy, namely a fide or perfidiæ . What am I talking about? According to the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Perfidiæ is the complete and voluntary abandonment of the Christian religion, whether the apostate embraces another religion such as Paganism, Judaism, Mohammedanism, etc., or merely makes profession of Naturalism, Rationalism, etc. The heretic differs from the apostate in that he only denies one or more of the doctrines of revealed religion, whereas the apostate denies the religion itself, a sin which has always been looked upon as one of the most grievous.

I have dealt my whole life with watching people defect from the Catholic Faith. My wife and friends can attest that I have agonized over it. This past week, a very close friend of mine admitted his defection from the faith. My heart broke as a grasped for words to try to beg him to reconsider. I pray he listened. Every single person that I have encountered who has made the decision to abandon the Faith has done so because of a moral crisis; they’ll lose their friends, their significant other, their way of life, their family, etc. Truth is, they’re afraid. They may say they are not, but they are. The cost of the Cross is too high. Perhaps we are all like this to some degree. What we must recognize is that the gift of being and remaining Catholic is rooted in God’s grace alone. If we separate from that grace, by abandoning the Sacraments and choosing ourselves over God, it will lead to spiritual death. Game over. Only God can hit the reset button. Let us pray for those who have left the Church and for ourselves, with the prayer found in Thursday’s  Vespers from the Liturgy of the Hours:

Blessed are you, Lord, for you graciously called us into your holy Church,
keep us within the Church until death.
Hear us, O God our refuge.


Changes happen all the time in our lives. We need it. In the last few weeks, I have sought some new changes in my life. The idea of these changes scare me, but in a good way. Have you ever experienced hurt or failure and then been afraid to try again? I think this is where I am, but I am trying to step out of the boat and onto the sea, like St. Peter. I could really use your prayers as I discern God’s will.


Speaking of God’s will, did you know that He willed for me to have a kick-butt wife? I do! She’s such a blessing in my life. I do not know what I would do without her. When I have hard times, she’s right there, supporting me. What a gracious gift it is to have a friend like her. I love going through this life with her.


I also love going to Mass with my wife. This week some great news came to me. A regular Extraoridinary Form Mass is coming to my area. I will only be 10 minutes away from it, instead of the hour and a half it was before. I am stoked beyond belief.  This is good news for my Diocese. Prayers are needed for the success and flourishing of the community.


Mircosoft, you almost KILLED ME. When the announcement came out about the how bad the XBOX ONE  is going to be vs. the Playstation 4, I almost shed a tear. Well, looks like Microsoft decided to actually save their stocks, and recanted. They listened to us….err…the shareholders. But hey, good enough. You should check out the recant here.

Be sure to check out the blog of the awesome Jennifer Fulweiler, the creator of 7 Quick Takes Friday. You can find her blog at Conversion Diary.



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