Team Orthodoxy Day of Prayer- March 31st

Today, Team Orthodoxy will be having an official day of prayer. We will be offering prayers for the conversion of sinners, the success of our ministry, and the intentions of our readers over the entire day.


Bl.John Paul II, Pray for us!

If you have an intention you’d like us to pray for:

You can leave us a comment here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Or, if you’d prefer not to make your intention public, send us an email at

If you’d like to pray with us:

We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d offer a Daily Mass or a rosary for our intentions and those posted. Our prayerbook also has a lot of great resources for prayer.

We are looking forward to praying for you!



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Posted on March 31, 2014, in Catholic. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Please pray that Brian finds a job.

  2. Please pray for a reconciliation of my sister Lisa’s marriage to Hunter.

  3. Thanks for your intentions! We kept them in our prayers and will continue to. We will be having another day of prayer again soon and will keep you posted. God bless you both!

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