Cutie Catholics: St.Maria Goretti

maria Goretti


This beautiful girl fought for her purity, and even after she was assaulted and stabbed, she forgave her attacker.
May we ask for her intercession to learn to forgive.
Saint Maria Goretti, Pray for us!
Read more about her here.


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  1. Maria was not raped. She died defending her virginity. She appeared to Alesandro (her murderer) while he was in prison. He was standing beside Assunta (Maria’s mother) on a balcony in St. Peter’s square when Maria was declared a saint. He lived & worked at a monastery until he died. This information is in the first book that told her life story. I also have a newspaper article with a picture of them witnessing the canonization.

    • Ah! Thank you for correcting my error! I updated the description. Its amazing you have that newspaper article! Things like that as so very very precious. Thank you for a stopping by.

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