New Music Monday: An Old Tradition Remembered


It’s back, but only for a limited time! For those of you who have followed Team Orthodoxy for many years, you may remember that we used to have New Music Monday every week. As Mike prepares his blog for this week, I thought I would post this in the interim; Some sweet melodies to tide you over until Mike hands over the freshly cooked bacon of a blog. So here it is, your New Music Monday:

In honor of our old contributor Tony Fink, here’s a lil electronic from Andy Hunter’s upcoming album:

Now any close friends of Team Orthodoxy know we love the band Family Force 5. The old lead singer Slow Glow Activatur is now producing remixes for other people. Here is Deep Down (Soul Glow Activatur Remix) by Scientist.

And finally, a song for my wife, Judah and the Lion’s “Rich Kids”:

Have a good week, friends. Stay tuned for Mike’s blog coming soon.


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Catholic. Married. Secular Discalced Carmelite. Hipster. Foodie. Board Game Aficionado. Beard.

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