Invited for Dinner, then Immediately left

dinnerWhen I am invited by a close family member to eat at their home with them, I like to stay a while after and visit, unless some sort of emergency arises which calls me away, though this is never usually the case. To eat and leave without a word would be rude, but most of all, would be hurtful and would make them feel that I do not love them, and do not care about them. It would make them feel as though I am ungrateful for them, their hospitality, and for what they have done to make this dinner possible.

Quite often, when I go to Mass, I try to stay after and spend some time in thanksgiving with our Lord dwelling within me in the Holy Eucharist. But, many do not. As soon as the last note of the last song is sung (and sometimes before), most of the congregation is off to the races, chatting about all sorts of things with their friends, while a few people, including myself, remain in prayer. I was definitely not always this way, however. I would maybe kneel for a few moments after Mass, but get up quickly to go. There were people there that I could talk to and catch up with. It was more important to me, at that time, to catch people I wanted to speak with before they went home. There were things to do after Mass, and people to see. However, as I fell more and more in love with Jesus, my desire to stay with Him for a while after Mass grew.

When we receive the Body and Blood of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, we become living Tabernacles, carrying Our Lord within us. For about 15-20 minutes, give or take, after receiving Him, He is still present physically within us in the Sacrament. This is the best time for prayer; for bringing to Him our Thanksgivings, Reparations, and Petitions. It is the ideal time to meditate on the reality of God Himself being within us, at least for a time.

I was fortunate to spend a Holy Hour on Saturday with Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament. During this time, I read St Peter Julian Eymard’s direction for Adoration. He says in his “Method of Adoration According to the Four Ends of the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass” under the second quarter, directed to thanksgiving:

Express your wonder at the sacrifices He imposes on Himself in His sacramental state. He conceals the glory of His Divinity and humanity so as not to dazzle and blind you. He veils His majesty so that you may dare come to Him and speak to Him as friend to friend. He binds His power so as not to frighten or punish you. He does not manifest the perfection of His virtues so as not to discourage your weakness. He even checks the ardor of His Heart and of His love for you because you could not stand the strength and tenderness of it. He lets you see only His goodness, which filters through, as it were, and escapes from the Sacred Species like a ray of sunshine through a thin cloud.

How kind indeed is our sacramental Jesus! He welcomes you at any hour of the day or night. His love never knows rest. He is always most gentle toward you. When you visit Him, He forgets your sins and imperfections, and speaks only of His joy, His tenderness, and His love. By the reception He gives you, one would think He has need of you to make Him happy.

Pour out your whole soul in thanksgiving to this good Jesus! Thank the Father for having given you His Divine Son. Thank the Holy Ghost for having reincarnated Him on the altar through the ministry of the priest, and that for you personally. Call upon Heaven and earth, Angels and men, to help you thank, bless, and exalt so much love for you.

My desire to spend more time with Our Lord after receiving him grew, as my love for Him and my deep gratefulness for what He did for me Thanksgiving2grew. I feel that what St. Peter Julian Eymard says in his guide for Adoration, is the same for the time we have with our Lord within us, after receiving Him in Holy Communion. The journey in this life is not easy, but we can draw our strength from the One who loves us, namely, Jesus. It takes time for our love for Him to grow and deepen. I encourage you to spend an extra five minutes this Sunday after Mass, spending time in prayer and thanksgiving, and to gradually increase that time as you are able. Beg Jesus to increase your love for Him. Just as our love for our friends and family grow as we spend time with them, the same goes for our relationship with God, as we spend time with Him.


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