Our Journey Home


The members of Team Orthodoxy share their journey home to
the fullness of the Catholic Church






  1. It is a pleasure meeting you at the store, Chris and Julie. I am always inspired to see young people like yourselves… with deep spirituality and yet could blend so well in the mainstream. There’s so much work to do… so much prayers to say… so much souls that aches to find meaning in their lives… and yet the answer is just a glance away…Jesus! You have here a platform where you can bring Christ to many many souls (no limit to distance, etc.. so cool no need to travel!). I will definitely promote this site to the many young people who come to our store. Just keep your hands steady in the plough, no matter what.

  2. Remigius d'Souza

    Great stories, and I can relate to them as I have been thru a very similar experience turning back to God, though He never left my side all through the years of my youth and then gently led me back home to the Catholic faith.

    Keep up the good work guys. An excellent site.

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