Team Member Commitments

Team Orthodoxy Family

Team Orthodoxy Commitments

1. Team Members must be committed to daily prayer and growth in the spiritual life. They will live faithfully the Sacramental life of the Church. They must also agree with everything the Church teaches and holds as true.

2. Team members must attend Team Meetings via Google Hangout- webcam and microphone required (1 per month).

3. Team members will seek excellence in their writing and whatever skills they put into practice for the website, following the guidelines.

4. Team members commit to study the faith in depth, as far as they are able.

5. Team members commit to hold each other accountable and call each other to a deeper level of holiness and virtue.

6. Team members will meet with each team member of the team at least twice a year in a formal one-on-one (either online, over the phone, or in person) in order to better know each member and build community

7. Each team member will complete their posts as they are assigned, and if unable, will provide at least a week’s notice to the entire team.  Writing commitments are as follows:1 Major Blog Post every 4 weeks

8. Each team member will become familiar with our social media outlets and will use them to spread the word.

What is the time commitment?

On average, Team Members will spend about 4 hours per month assisting Team Orthodoxy.

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