Fire of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


Fire of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Glorious Virgin Mary

Chosen  daughter of the Eternal Father.

At the prophecy of Simeon you learned that a sword would pierce your Immaculate Heart.

The suffering of your beloved Son would be yours in spirit,

and thus you became our Co-Redemptrix.

Blood and water flowed from the heart of your Divine Son on calvary,

but as the sword was thrust into the side of the Crucified Lord,

a sword of sorrow pierced your heart,

but from your Immaculate Heart came fire.

The fire of the Holy Spirit, your spouse, reigned perfectly within Your Immaculate Heart.

As the Church was born from the side of the Savior,

So too the vessel which was full of grace,

broke open and poured forth fire upon the Church,

to assist in purifying and perfecting it.

Fire of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

come pour the fire of your love upon us.

May this fire melt away all self-love and pride.

May it make us malleable so that we may be made perfect, as the Father is perfect.

Send forth this same fire to perfect the Church of Your Divine Son,

turn the hearts of the wayward back to the light of Truth.

Burn away all that tarnishes her beauty.

In the midst of the Church’s great trial,

in which the fire of love  has grown increasingly cold in the hearts of many, especially priests and religious,

enliven the hearts of those frozen by sin,

and make the Church, by the fire of the Immaculate,

the Spotless Bride your Son so deserves;

Worthy to become one with Him in the August Sacrament of the Altar,

and so to share eternity with Him.

We ask this through Christ Eucharistic,



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