The Hammer of Heretics

Welcome to another new blog series on Team Orthodoxy!

In this series I will be wielding Team Orthodoxy’s trademark Hammer Method to crush heresy in a manner befitting the original Malleus Hereticorum, St. Anthony of Padua. You may very well ask, ‘that sounds great, Mike, but what qualifies you to do this much-needed heresy-crushing?’ To which I would reply, one half-decent undergrad course in logic, and another in classical philosophy.

This may not seem like the greatest qualification, and even I didn’t think so, until I realised that it placed me on an even, if not superior level of philosophical education compared with many top selling writers of philosophy, including scientific geniuses Richard Dawkins and Steven Hawking.

Besides, the more specific purpose of this series is not so much to tackle the most difficult philosophical questions of our time, as would be suited to a much more brilliant mind than mine, but rather to sweep up the philosophical trash; to examine the truly terrible and meritless arguments that are repetitively peddled everywhere from schoolyard arguments to New York Times bestsellers.

These arguments have a bad habit of continually respawning, but the Hammer is tireless, and the sound of their QQing only makes it stronger.


3. There is no Absolute Truth.
2. Morality Limits Your Freedom!
1. Who Created the Creator?

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